Monday, December 17, 2012

The Federal Reserve can be likened to a Vampire Octopuss. Visualize an Octopuss with a little bald man inside with a printing press. His arms reach out to extend around the globe. Paper is released sometimes near and sometimes far, and is always traded for land, ships, planes, trees, food, Gold or something of value that is sucked back inside the Octopuss and gaurded. Paper comes out and wealth flows back in to the Vampire Octopuss where it remains, the wealth does not come back out. Ever.  It's a trick that people still haven't caught on to yet, even now in 2012 in the supposed information age. 

The more paper money that is printed and released in to the world through the tentacles, the worse the economy gets of course, because the people are tricked into giving away their wealth in exchange for little pieces of paper. That paper is not really worth anything at all, as a matter of fact is does not even claim to be worth anything. It simply says one, or a hundred. Those people that are fooled by this trick become poorer and poorer until eventually they own nothing and the Federal Reserve Vampire Octopuss owns everything.

The only way to improve the economy is for the people to get the printing press away from the Octopuss, print paper money for themselves and buy everything back from him.

The Octopuss has had the printing press for a hundred years now. If we can get it away from him, we can buy everything back in just a few short years, and all be wealthy again.

This is why we need to end the Federal Reserve, while we still can. We the people have something called a Treasury Department, and we are supposed to print money like it says in the Constitution, like we used to do a hundred years ago before criminals took over our government. We also have something called Armed Forces, they are supposed to uphold the Constitution and defend it from those criminals. However, the criminals have taken over our Armed Forces too, and they have joined forces with the Federal Reserve criminals.

Together they are stealing everything from everyone and just killing those that they can not steal from with robots, called Drones.

Make sure that your children are aware of this and are not fooled by these criminals. You can tell which ones are the criminals because they are on TV on the news wearing expensive suits and telling lies.

Spread the word, tell your friends and neighbors. Protect your community today.